Boston, MA, Thursday November 18th, 2021: Surf Cup Sports has partnered with Soccer Management Institute (SMI) and International Development Academy (IDA) to offer the most unique global soccer tournament experience. The Surf Cup International in Rome, Italy gives athletes and their families the chance at a premium soccer adventure unlike any other. 

Build a Bridge

Surf is committed to creating the Best of the Best experiences and opportunities for young athletes.  For young players to be the best they have to compete against the Best and venture outside of their comfort zone, which is why Surf Cup Sports continues to focus on connecting the best youth soccer players worldwide through Surf Cup San Diego, Surf Cup Spain, and now Surf Cup Italy.

Surf Cup has partnered with two international experts to create a unique soccer and cultural experience. 

“We are excited to be hosting this event, in partnership with Surf Cup Sports and the International Development Academy (IDA), in one of the most iconic soccer pitch in the world”, said SMI President Stefano Radio, “to combine world class competition, unique culture and a lifetime of memories is something we are proud to be able to do”.

The organization is excited to announce that both SS Lazio and AS Roma Women’s team have confirmed their participation at the event.

Soccer meets culture 

Maybe just as important as the tournament is the location itself.

Rome is a unique destination that offers some of the most beautiful sights in the world.For well over a millennium, Rome controlled the destiny of all civilization known to Europe. In fact it was the first city to reach a population of over 1 million people – in 133 BC!

With its remarkable history, get ready to discover the city’s impressive monuments and archaeological sites, not to mention its world renowned cuisine and lively atmosphere.

“This isn’t just a world-class soccer tournament,” says Brian Enge, Surf Cup Sports CEO. “This is a chance to give athletes on both sides of the ocean a chance to broaden their horizons and see what soccer means in other parts of the world.”  This is a truly unique experience that goes beyond the pitch, and will make memories that last a lot longer than the time spent in Europe.

To get involved, contact Tournament Director David Stuart (781-234-5102 or and start planning your tournament experience in Italy, today.

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