Why a Beach Town on the Mediterranean Sea is the Perfect Soccer Setting

In between two of the biggest soccer epicenters in Spain sits an unassuming coastal town. Smack dab in the middle of Barcelona and Valencia, Salou is situated on the eastern Spanish coast, along the Mediterranean. Known locally as the Costa Dorada, the Beach of Europe, this city attracts visitors and tourists alike, from all over the world.

But alongside the tourist attractions, restaurants, and unforgettable beaches, Salou, Spain offers so much more…if you’re so inclined, and know where to look.

Salou, Spain is home to some of the world’s best soccer academies and development programs, and like most towns and cities in Europe, soccer, or fútbol, is life. Located within driving distance of Barcelona FC, one of the most successful soccer clubs in the world, and its world-famous stadium Nou Camp, the love and passion for soccer runs deeper than the Mediterranean.

And that’s only half of Salou’s soccer heritage.

Located two hours south, Valencia, Spain is home to Valencia FC, one of Spain’s most beloved local clubs. Within the city and surrounding towns, the club is revered. While Barcelona FC is seen as one of the “giants” in European club soccer, Valencia FC prides itself on being giant slayers. Ending title runs and knocking the “big boys” out of championship and tournament contention can be just as gratifying as winning them, after all.

That’s not to say Valencia FC is without success of its own. Winners of six domestic titles, and 10 tournament cups, the club is no stranger to trophies. The only difference is that Barcelona FC has just had more of it recently.

And right between these two pillars of Spanish and European football sits the hidden gem of Salou, Spain. Which is exactly why the International Development Academy in Valencia chose Salou for the Surf Cup International tournament. Aside from its legendary nightlife, beaches, and restaurants, the soccer culture is so deeply ingrained within the town’s fabric that youth players can develop their game just by being there.

OK, not really. They’ll still need to work and train while they’re there, but they’ll be doing it in an environment made for developing soccer stars.

A lot of people haven’t heard of Salou, Spain. Even fewer know about its roots within Spanish soccer. But spend one week there in November 2021, see what the rest of the world is missing out on, and give young soccer players an overseas soccer tournament experience unlike any other.

To learn more about the Surf Cup International, contact tournament director Jordi Ganau for more information, and start planning your tournament experience in Spain.