Why the Surf Cup International is the Perfect Soccer Tournament Opportunity

This November, a one-of-a-kind youth soccer tournament is happening on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean, and you could be there.

The Surf Cup International, held in the hidden soccer haven of Salou, Spain, has already attracted the attention of some of the biggest names in soccer. Youth teams from Spain’s very own Cinderella story,  Villarreal FC, will be represented, as well as from the historic Spanish club Valencia CF. In addition, Surf Soccer’s Surf Select team will feature some of the best youth soccer players from around the United States. 

And while other European-based soccer tournaments like the Dana Cup, Gothia Cup, and Super Cup NI have been postponed for the summer of 2022, Surf Cup International’s start date and location make it the perfect destination for an overseas tournament experience. In fact, Spain will be open to all COVID-19 vaccinated-travelers as of June 7th. Between that, the rate of the global vaccination program, and Spain’s rapidly-increasing rate of vaccinations, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited for the Surf Cup International.

That said, we know how unpredictable things can be, and how the last year has impacted everyone. That’s why full refunds for COVID-related cancellations are available, as well as payment plans leading up to the tournament.

We’ve previously mentioned how playing overseas can have a huge impact on a player’s development. It allows athletes to face off against the best of the best from around the world, test their abilities outside of their comfort zone, and get noticed by the right people. Most importantly, we want to give that opportunity to as many players from as many backgrounds as we possibly can: because of how transformative a tournament like this can be.

Also, did we mention that this event is in Spain? The soccer-obsessed country boasts one of the most robust “futballing” cultures on the planet. Even better, as a resort town, Salou boasts a legendary restaurant and nightlife scene, alongside a world-famous beach, known as “The Beach of Europe.” That’s what makes this tournament so different from any others. It’s an experience for athletes, coaches, and families.

The Surf Cup International will be an experience unlike any other; for teams, athletes, and families alike. Risk-free booking is available, and we’re willing to work with any interested parties in making this happen for them. To apply for your spot at 2021’s premier overseas tournament, leave your information here.